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We LOVE emerald green arborvitae, enjoy maintaining them and have lot's of great landscaping ideas of awesome ways to use these beautiful evergreen trees.

In the Tri-Cities area though, these types of trees do take a bit more extra care and maintenance.

Arborvitae need to be planted properly, spaced correctly and maintained properly by  trimming and shaping .

It is especially necessary to make sure all the dead needles are regularly removed. Cleaning out the dead needles will keep the trees healthy, reduce bugs and spiders and increase healthy new growth of the Arborvitae.

The great news is, when arborvitae are properly maintained and cared for, they provide superior wind breaks during our windy times. 

These lush wonderful trees can provide cool, shady outdoor living areas in the summer.

In the fall, when the deciduous trees drop their leaves, these trees will stay green. There will not be bags and bags of leaves to dispose of.

When we think of Arborvitae we often think of privacy.  There's a great reason why they are the #1 tree used for privacy. Shaped correctly, these trees will give you all the seclusion and serenity you want.

Speaking of shaping, arborvitae are the second most popular plant to be used in topiary.  We love creating fantastic ornamental, unique shapes.

Cared for and maintained properly, these stunning trees will be a great foundation for your landscaping needs for decades.

Arborvitae Kennewick

Arborvitae Kennewick

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