Rock Walls-Rock Walkways-Rock Patios in the Tri-Cities

Rock Work

Nothing creates a better foundation for your landscaping design than adding rock work.  You can add warmth and texture with rock features. You will add interest and harmony to your outdoor living.

  • Rock Walls
  • Rock Walkways
  • Rock Patio
  • Rock Weed Barriers

We use only the finest rock product available.

Outdoor rock patio Kennewick

Outdoor rock patio Kennewick

Rock Walls-West Richland, Pasco, Richland & Kennewick

A beautiful foundation for outdoor living space.

Rock walls can be useful, unique, and are a beautiful addition to every landscape design. Whether you need a rock dividing wall or a rock wall for additional living space, we are professional in design and build.


Rock Walkways-Pasco, Kennewick, Richland & West Richland

Beautiful Walkways

Beautiful rock walkways are a very useful and dynamic addition to your landscape design.

Used properly rock walkways will save wear and tear on your lawns and flowerbeds. 

In the Tri-Cities area, water use is an important consideration for every property owner. The proper use of rock and rock walkways can help with water conservation. Rock walkways, with proper drainage, will help control water run off. A beautiful rock walk way will help prevent water damage when the Tri-Cities has a heavy rain situation.

You can be as creative with rock walkways in your landscaping ideas as you want to be. 


Rock Patios-Kennewick, Richland, Pasco & West Richland

Build more outdoor living spaces with.....Rock Patios

In the Tri-City area with all the wonderful sunshine we get, who doesn't love having plenty of beautiful, useful outdoor living spaces to enjoy.

Designed for maximum outdoor use, carefully built, your outdoor patios and spaces will function beautifully for years, add thousands of dollars to your property value and bring you years of joy and happy family memories.

Outdoor Rock Patio Kennewick

Outdoor Rock Patio Kennewick

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