Tree Trimming, Planting, Pruning and Shaping in Tri-Cities

Ornamental,Fruit & Shade Tree Planting, Trimming, Pruning & Shaping

It is essential for the health of your trees to trim, prune and shape your Ornamental, Fruit and shade trees. 

With our professional  tree service your trees will be healthier, safer, more beautiful and your fruit trees with provide you with an abundant harvest.

Evergreen Tree Kennewick

Evergreen Tree Kennewick

Tree care services in Kennewick, Pasco and Richland

Tree trimming, planting, pruning and shaping

  • Fine Pruning...removing small limbs and branches to improve the tree's appearance and health.  Many Ornamental trees need shaping in this way.
  • Standard Pruning...involves a bit more heavy cutting and is done to enhance the tree's branch structure. Pruning fruit trees will improve the size and quantity of your crop.
  • Hazard Trimming... recommended for trees that pose safety concerns. This involves removing branches that are typically two or more inches in diameter. As limbs  over 2 inches in diameter are quite heavy, they can be very dangerous. In the high wind area of the Tri-Cities it is important to remove these limbs before they are blown down or fall.

Tree Trimming Kennewick WA

Tree Trimming Kennewick WA

Benefits of Tree Trimming, Pruning & Shaping

Additional Information

Standard pruning improves the health of your trees. As a living growing organism, trees limbs grow, and sometimes die. Removing dead or dying limbs reduce the risk of harm and will prevent further decay.

Pruning and shaping of your Ornamental and fruit trees improves the appearance and structure of the tree. Trimming the tree keeps the trees from developing week branches, weak crotches and keeps the limbs from crossing each other and competing for space.

As a living growing being, your trees need plenty of sun exposure and air circulation  throughout.  A  correctly pruned tree is a happy and healthy tree.

Pruning fruit trees is essential for an abundant crop. Healthy, happy fruit trees produce more fruit and are more resistant to disease and insects.

Newly planted ornament and fruit trees need to be pruned to compensate for root loss, will stimulate new growth and will begin training the tree to the proper shape.

Trimming, shaping and pruning your trees will beautify your landscape and can improve your views

Trees Kennewick

Trees Kennewick

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